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Tomáš Pitra (born 1960) graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague in 1987 and received a master’s degree of JUDr. (Doctor of Law). He has worked in advocacy since 1992 and in 1994 became a lawyer. In 2000, Tomáš Pitra and Petr Pýcha established the Advokátní kancelář PITRA – PÝCHA law firm, which transformed into PITRA – PÝCHA, advokáti s.r.o. in 2018.

Being a loyal and responsible partner who always seeks to have perfect insight and up-to-date knowledge, Tomáš provides our clients with complete legal services in civil and corporate law, including representing them before courts.

He helps clients in real estate in general, including contract drafting, due diligence or constitutional documents. In addition to general legal services, such as property transfers, escrow, rent, collateral, loans, etc., he has assisted in commercial and residential real estate transactions (notably via acquisitions and sales) totalling in excess of CZK 7 billion.

Tomáš has vast experience and a strong track record of successful litigation management. His highlights include winning a dispute with a well-established political party with a total value of CZK 60 million and obtaining a final and binding judgement on cancellation of an arbitral award due to incorrect wording of the arbitration clause in 2012 (before this issue was dealt with by the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic).

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