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fúz a smluvní agenda


Acquisitions are fundamental to what we do. Due to their complexity, and the involvement of various interacting areas including law, tax, accounting, business and economy, acquisitions require a careful, thorough, consistent and systematic approach as well as the ability to combine and search for optimal solutions.

In particular, our work encompasses thorough legal analysis and detailed due diligence that provides a high level view of the target’s state of affairs including identification of the risks inherent in the contemplated transaction.

We use proven process templates optimized for various types of transactions. Using our superior negotiating skills, we are able to attain optimal terms and conditions ensuring a streamlined and risk-free transaction.



Drafting a sound legal contract is a challenge and an art in itself. It requires experience, skill, diligence and foresight as well as the ability to combine and express thoughts clearly and precisely, not to mention excellent theoretical knowledge. If litigation is considered to be the most challenging legal discipline, then drafting contracts is certainly the most interesting one.

A great legal contract need not be overly complicated or incomprehensible as is, however, quite often the case. A contract must be understandable by everyone, even without any specific knowledge. Therefore, we focus on clear formulations and accuracy, covering any and all situations that will or may happen. A legal contract should provide guidance to resolve such situations and be a source for answers and solutions.

Drafting and negotiating contracts is our core and most successful business.

nemovitosti a kultura


Real estate encompasses various legal domains that complement, interact with and influence each other. In this realm of law, in particular our experience stemming from previous projects pays off. Intersecting domains often result in the need to negotiate with authorities, banks, investments funds as well as owners of neighbouring properties. Here, detailed preparation and analysis of the baseline situation is again key to designing a solution that is as time efficient as possible.

We work hand in hand with architects and engineers to ensure our analyses and advice are based on sound expert reviews in areas that directly impact the transaction parties’ interests. We can be both agile and tactical, always prioritising aspects that are relevant and critical for our clients.



Generally, the role of and need for culture is underappreciated. Creating a cultural tradition is a lengthy process that stretches beyond the life of an individual. It is a subtle and complex patchwork, best comprehensible when viewed from above. Every viable piece counts. Our focus is on film industry and theatre though we are able to handle any branch of art.

Want to make a movie in the Czech Republic? Need a film production services agreement to formalize relationships with your project sponsors? Want to benefit from government incentive schemes? Without a doubt, film-making can be challenging and fraught in every respect. It is characterized by stressful situations and constant time pressure. Our team has a strong track record in this field, allowing us to cope with all such challenges effectively and efficiently. We protect you with a high level of professionalism and excellence.

Seeking to put on a play but you don’t hold the rights? Holding the rights but planning to adapt the play? Confused by your license agreement obligations regarding costumes, scene, music, actors’ age and gender? Theatre is a complex mix of interconnected activities that are equally demanding for authors, performers and other professions. And of course, the budget is tight. Limited funds preclude many theatres from hiring external legal advisors so we provide our services on advantageous terms to some of them. We understand that viable theatre is an essential element of cultural and societal development, representing important values and moral principles and reflecting everyday life in all its aspects.

korporace a spory
Corporations LITIGATION


Setting up relationships between shareholders, including minority and majority shareholders, is a critical aspect of corporation governance that is often rather overlooked. Having constitutional documents (Articles/Memorandum of Association) that clearly define rights and obligations and describe foreseeable situations is the cornerstone of any corporation. In particular, such instruments must lay a sturdy foundation for your company’s operation at times when interests of individual shareholders may differ. Thorough preparation, on-going monitoring and evaluation and adequate response ensure a simple, relevant and effective solution.

Drawing on our extensive corporation law experience, we can help you swiftly and effectively resolve cumbersome issues including abuse of a majority position and harming of the minority shareholders’ interests. Our solutions are effective, fact-based, time-relevant, reasonable and optimal in the given circumstances. Rather than fabricating theoretical speculations and possibilities, we focus on a practical solution to your problem.



Litigation management includes several aspects that are vital for a successful outcome. It is not always just about knowing the law.

The key is to have excellent information. And to use it for legal assessment to estimate your chances. Now the most difficult part comes: choosing the right litigation tactics. This is crucial. The tactics integrate a specific choice of language and argumentation, communication method with the counterparty, knowledge of witnesses’ characteristics and personal aspects. The tactics must be aligned with the type of dispute, the matter at issue, the personality of the counterparty and its attorney as well as the judge, the costs of the proceedings, and, above all, the overarching goal. The goal need not necessarily be just success in the litigation. Under certain circumstances, even a managed loss may turn out to be a win.

We use a team approach in litigation management. It is efficient and allows for substitution in case of illness or as part of the above-mentioned tactics. Our teams are composed of both lawyers and other professionals such as tax advisors, authorized experts and private investigators.

Litigation management is the most challenging legal discipline. For us, each dispute is a challenge and commitment.

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